Where do you see the dairy, deli and bakery industry headed? What is the future of the category?
The future of the deli department will revolve around convenience, meal solutions and grab-and-go offerings. As we still find that people are time-starved, people will look for easy quick meals for all their meal occasions. Those most successful will use an omnichannel approach, have an assortment that adapts for occasion and size, offer incredible quality and value, and be mindful of customers seeking healthier options, including low-calorie, gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

How do you effect change in your organization/store?

It starts with driving innovation and organizational improvements by removing obstacles, gaining buy-in, and creating excitement for change. By connecting all stakeholders on the goal from the very beginning, not only do we empower our team, but we’re able to accelerate change and quickly pivot if needed without sacrificing success or missing a beat. We are also intentional when it comes to celebrating successes and on the flip side, creating a culture that learns from opportunities for improvement when they arise.

Favorite food: Italian.