What inspires your leadership approach?

A leader needs to project confidence in their decisions by using clear, effective communication to build a team that is motivated and maintains a positive path to their goals. Rewarding the team is equally important to keep them moving toward a successful outcome. A leader should also assume the responsibility for directing their team while inspiring pride, commitment and loyalty. 

How would you define a Champion of Change?

I believe that a Champion of Change is someone who is committed to standing together with others to provide a positive and seamless stream of outcomes that effect how we do business and promote growth in the company. These means looking outside of the box for new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of or at least in stride with the rest of the industry.

Favorite food: I’m from Texas; of course, it is going to be rib-eye steak with a baked sweet potato—a nice salad as a starter and usually no room for dessert!