What inspires your leadership approach?

My approach has always been built around the importance of team. No leadership approach will ever be as effective as one that includes team.

How does the culture at your company/store promote change?

We are constantly searching for a better way of making things happen. We are determined to not let things happen to us, but through innovation, make things happen for us. We make change happen based on good planning and by never accepting anything as good enough.

Where do you see the dairy, deli and bakery industry headed? What is the future of the category?

The future of the category is brighter than ever as, in my opinion, there is so much available opportunity for making quality the hallmark. We have the opportunity to develop bakery and deli as the “go-to” department and the reason to shop your store.

How would you define a Champion of Change?

A Champion as defined by Webster is one who fights for, defends or supports a cause. I have always fought for and supported quality over and above all else in the bakery department. In my book, success and quality are synonymous to each other. The quality of products and presentation are essential to one another. Prominent display is a must as "the consumer buys what they see where they walk."

How do you effect change in your organization/store?

Through innovation and creativity. Creating the kind of excitement and activity in the bakery department that stops the shopping cart. Great eye appeal, quality samples and consumer contacts drive profitable sales.

Favorite food: Rocky Mountain Lemon Meringue Pie!