What inspires your leadership approach?

My leadership comes from my passion that I have for the success of our bakeries and to demonstrate this passion to everyone that I am fortunate enough to get to work alongside every day. Hy-Vee strives to be the best place to work and shop in America and that is what I try to instill in others each day.

How does the culture at your company/store promote change?

The culture of our company is constantly changing based on our customers’ needs. Our Chairman of the Board and CEO Randy Edeker says that everything starts with our customers and ends with our customers. Our customers wants and needs have evolved over the past 92 years since our first Hy-Vee store opened and we are evolving with them. One thing that never changes is our company’s fundamentals. Every Hy-Vee employee has a “Fundamentals Card” that they carry as a daily reminder of what keeps our company grounded in the basics of the industry.

Favorite food: Pizza.