What inspires your leadership approach?

I am inspired by those who prove themselves to be confident, hardworking examples for those that they lead. A leader is chosen by those that follow and my style is a “lead by example” approach that encourages others to complete tasks in a way they would expect from others, at the highest level of integrity possible. A leader should be a beacon for what they expect to see in others.

How would you define a Champion of Change?

A person that has the ability to influence others to reach for betterment. Change is scary and uncomfortable at first, and being a Champion of Change sets the tone that I do not fear change. Change can be better, or it can be worse, but there is greater reward for those that are willing to give change a try.

How do you effect change in your organization/store?

I have the ability to travel the United States in search of innovation that keeps 600-plus independently owned locations competitive and relevant with current shopper needs. By bringing in new/fresh innovation, I’m able to help customers potentially increase profit and keep the end user coming back. Merchandising these new items allows me to encourage change, and I’m a believer that there is always room for improvement and growth.

Favorite food: Oysters.