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IDDBA Evolves Trade Show With 'What’s In Store Live'

Association renames Show & Sell center to better integrate with its annual research publication
Photograph by WGB Staff

The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association is renaming its popular show-floor merchandising showcase from Show & Sell to What’s In Store Live.

Officials from the Madison, Wis.-based organization said the name change reflects the association’s efforts to integrate more research and trends data from its annual What’s In Store publication into the concepts and merchandising ideas featured in the annual on-site educational experience.

“For 30 years, the Show & Sell center has been a must-see destination on the trade show floor, providing attendees with merchandising ideas and education to share with their associates and colleagues to create excitement at their stores and build sales,” said Angela Bozo, IDDBA’s education director, in a statement. “And for 33 years, IDDBA has produced What’s In Store, the quintessential research publication for the retail dairy, deli, bakery, cheese and foodservice sectors.”

Bozo said the evolution of the name makes it “the perfect opportunity to illustrate and showcase the food trends of today and tomorrow in the form of interactive and engaging merchandising concepts that can be implemented at store level.”

The interactive What’s In Store Live merchandising marketplace is redesigned annually by a cross section of industry volunteers that ideate concepts highlighting sponsored products to create across the bakery, cake, cheese and prepared foods departments. The goal of the experiential trade show offering aims to inspire attendees in visually creative and inventive ways with relevant insights to help build basket size as well as elevate customer experience.

Additionally, attendees can listen to a variety of topics from industry-recognized speakers in the What’s In Store Live Workshop, situated within the marketplace.


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