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NAM Launches In-Store Media Network

Soon grocery shoppers to see digital screens in store entryways
Digital Screens Grocery
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News America Marketing (NAM), a New York-based marketer of some of the world’s best-known brands, announced its plans to launch a digital in-store media network. NAM says it plans to pilot the news and content network on digital screens in grocery stores this winter. Albertsons Safeway, Southeastern Grocers and Weis Markets are the first stores where the new network can be seen. 

“Piloting this exciting new technology with News America Marketing provides additional opportunities to further monetize our in-store media inventory while providing real value for brands and memorable experiences to our shoppers,” says Adam Kirk, SVP of trade planning and local marketing for Southeastern Grocers. “The creative format also provides us with an ‘always on’ opportunity to support our own brands, events, seasonal promotions, loyalty programs, offers and more, with personalized, interactive and connected in-store customer experiences.” 

NAM said, along with the announcement, that digital in-store media delivers content "with greater relevance, brand safety and viewability, all delivered in the fitting environment of the store." With its new digital in-store tools and end-to-end activation services, NAM says that it intends to make it easy for its brand and retail partners to create and test new shopping experiences not previously available.

Shoppers will see large-format screens placed in high traffic areas, such as at store entryways, aisles, checkouts and elsewhere. NAM will handle all aspects of activating and installing the technology, along with operation and maintenance, while also providing its brand partners with measurement of its effectiveness.

“Digital in-store media combines the sophistication, automation and personalization of online digital media with the stopping power and impact of in-store with the contextual relevance of the physical store,” says Tracey Koller, chief retail and merchandising officer of NAM. “With this launch, we can help bridge the gap between brand, equity and performance marketing while delivering a relevant shopper experience.

NAM has a long-standing history of monetizing in-store audiences through brand-funded print signage in more than 60,000 stores across North America. Advancements in technology and target marketing will enable NAM’s retail partners to better use its space and marketing efforts, while using the new platform to improve communication with their customers as they enter the store.

For marketers, the store offers an environment that is brand-safe, highly viewable and one where a shopper is already receptive to advertising messages. Digital in-store media provides the opportunity to target audiences with static and video content in a medium and location where the majority of purchase decisions are made.

Likewise, NAM's network and content will be very easy to customize. The company says that its advertising can be changed and updated based on real-time factors, such as time of day, customer traffic and changing weather patterns, while also helping retailers alert customers of any new product launch. 


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