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Nicole Kidman Talks Passion and People at the 2022 IDDBA Show

‘You can always find reasons not to do something. I’m the person that says, “Let’s do it, let’s try it” ’
Nicole Kidman, IDDBA
Photograph by WGB Staff

As an award-winning actress, Nicole Kidman knows a thing or two about pursuing your passions.

In a presentation at the IDDBA 2022 show, Kidman shared with a ballroom-filled audience lessons she’s learned along the way since she began working as an actress at age 14—lessons audience members could take home and apply to their own passions.

“The-world’s-my-oyster approach is a great approach,” Kidman said. “You can always find reasons not to do something. I’m the person that says, ‘Let’s do it, let’s try it.’ And I think that’s how you keep the passion.”

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At the same time, Kidman stressed the importance of being able to move on if something doesn’t work out.

“Use your failures to prepare you into your successes,” she said. “OK, this happened … what can I do next? What’s the solution? How do I move forward? [Being able to] keep moving forward, I think that keeps passion alive.”

And as the founder of her own production company, Blossom Films, Kidman also impressed upon the audience the theme of doing right by people. “I learned that through seeing how my parents treat people,” and how people treated and mentored me, Kidman said.  

As such, Kidman said she offers “flex hours” at Blossom Films, giving people time to be “a human being, to have feelings.”

“When you do that, people will give so much more,” she said. In a personal example, Kidman explained how she may need to take time away from a job to take care of a sick child or be there for a school play. “The person … who will work with me on that, I remember it, and I go, ‘I will pay that back,’ ” she said.

She also believes in the power of food—something the IDDBA show audience appreciated and welcomed with applause. “I’ve learned as producer, feed people well and they will work hard for you,” Kidman said. 


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