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Will Hazard Pay Be Government-Mandated?

New hazard pay ordinances in California and Seattle mark the first time such policies have been government-mandated, rather than government-funded or voluntarily employer-provided, says new study from Brookings Institution.

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'Be Bold': FMI Closing Keynote Maps a Tough Road Ahead for a Resilient Industry

Food retailers have "no option" but to slash costs and develop an operating model for the new normal, McKinsey's Sajal Kohli said in a rapid-fire closing keynote of FMI's annual Midwinter Executive Conference.

The generation brings new challenges for the retail food industry in attracting this incoming workforce, but it can be done, a FMI Midwinter Executive Conference session explores

Complex businesses built for slow growth were overwhelmed by sudden demand, FMI panelists say, bringing new urgency for simplicity and collaboration.

As the pandemic propels their annual online forecast, FMI and Nielsen highlight an opportunity behind technology advances, improved omnichannel merchandising and consumer segmentation.

In her president’s remarks, Leslie Sarasin shares her perspective on where the food industry stands and where it can go from here.

In the struggle to keep workers and shoppers healthy, and stores safe and in-stock, retailers and supply partners such as Giant and Nestle demonstrated a model for the future of work, an FMI Midwinter Conference event demonstrated.

Association expresses it looks forward to working with the new administration as it offers details on issues such as employee tax relief, liability protection, SNAP assistance and minimum wage.

The Former FedEx executive adds large-scale supply chain expertise in areas that advance the wholesaler’s long-term strategic objectives.

The Infinite Aisle platforms allows retailers to order products and have them shipped directly to their stores.

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