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FMI Report Takes a Deeper Dive Into the Hybrid Shopper

“The recent wave of online shopping adoption and the growing variety of online methods may represent the most dramatic upheaval of the food shopping landscape we once knew,” says Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of FMI.

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Mel Robbins Gives New Meaning to the ‘5 Second Rule’ at IDDBA 2022

“Make it a habit every morning to just 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … tell one person you appreciate them and why you do; it changes everything,” says the author and motivational speaker.

“You can always find reasons not to do something. I’m the person that says, ‘Let’s do it, let’s try it,’ ” the award-winning actress said to a ballroom-filled audience.

Start by asking, "What do we want customers to say about their experience?" advises author and leadership consultant Dennis Snow, formerly of Walt Disney World.

The USDA said its efforts will create more and better markets that will benefit both producers and consumers, as well as address longstanding issues intensified by the pandemic.

At an inflection point for the industry—and with consumers turning to the fresh perimeter to save the day (or at least save dinner)—an in-person meeting of the minds is vital, IDDBA's Dotty VanderMolen says.

Findings from the Conference Board and University of Michigan suggest inflation and the labor market continue to drive consumers’ views.

A schedule-of-events glimpse at what attendees can gain and learn from the upcoming show.

"You're not an island," a former DHS official told an FMI audience in an active-assailant preparedness seminar, urging retailers to collaborate with other local businesses and law enforcement.

"The pandemic has not diminished the appeal of grocery shopping, particularly for younger shoppers. Satisfaction with their primary store remains high for shoppers," said Steve Markenson, director of research and insights.

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