Data shows varied food inflation across 30K zip codes

Connecticut and Louisiana had the highest rate of grocery price inflation, according to data company Datasembly’s year-end update.


Study: Absent an official recession declaration, some consumers are behaving like there is one

“When shoppers believe we are in a recession, they will behave as though we’re in a recession,” said Acosta Consumer Insights and Trends SVP Kathy Risch.

Consumer Price Index sees lowest annual gain since October 2021.

Many consumers can’t afford rising prices, but they can afford to be choosy about where and how they spend their money. “Listen to your customers and deliver on their expectations,” media company Vericast advises retailers.

Despite inflation, many consumers said they will stock up on desserts and sweets for the holidays, according to a recent survey.

Food-at-home prices rose 12% year-over-year in November, according to Consumer Price Index data released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fresh produce, cereals, bakery products and dairy saw some of the biggest increases.

Inflation has caused 76% of shoppers to change the way they buy food, and the pandemic has made online shopping a new normal.

High food costs are leading a large number of people to request gift cards for necessities this holiday season, according to a new survey by fintech firm Givex.

As grocery prices continue to soar, more shoppers are turning to Dollar Tree and its banner, Family Dollar, for groceries. And the extreme discounter is preparing for the deluge.

Paper products are amongst the popular items to stock up on, according to new data from Kroger-owned data firm 84.51˚.

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