Beer and Burgers Are Top Picks for Celebrating Father's Day, Per Numerator

Study finds 80% of consumers will celebrate the holiday despite inflationary concerns
Photograph: Shutterstock

Close to two-thirds (61%) of consumers expect inflation to have a "significant or moderate" effect on their Father's Day plans this year, according to Numerator's latest Consumer Survey Report. 

These inflationary concerns have remained fairly steady across other recent holidays and events, including the Super Bowl, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Concerns have stayed in the range of 61% (the lowest) around Father's Day to 75% (the highest) around Easter. 

Despite these inflationary concerns, Numerator's survey of 1,200 people found that 80% of consumers will definitely be celebrating fathers this weekend.

Most consumers will be celebrating by gathering with family and friends (44%) and grilling/barbecuing (41%). Only 23% said they would be going out to eat or going out for drinks, and 22% said they would be cooking/baking. 

Of those staying at home to grill, more than half will be having burgers (67%), hot dogs/sausages (55%) and steaks (53%). As for those who intend to purchase alcohol for the Father's Day holiday, 75% said they will buy beer, with the top beer choices for dad being imported beer brands (36%), Coors (22%), Bud Light (18%), Michelob Ultra (16%), and Blue Moon (16%).


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