Economic picture looks tough for grocery shoppers and retailers

Fresh Perspectives: At Groceryshop, Wall Street analyst Karen Short sketched out the business environment going into next year.


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to convene grocers on lowering food prices

Nation’s largest grocery retailers to be tasked with developing near-term action plan.

Higher fuel prices pose headwind, but an FMI-The Food Industry Association analysis shows historical consistency in food inflation levels.

Survey by The Feedback Group shows inflationary buying habits remain entrenched among food shoppers.

Aisle 1: With both Walmart and Target reporting earnings this week, we’ll soon get a good picture of current shopper sentiment. But all signs point to struggles for any food retailer not squarely focused on value.

The regional grocer’s value-focused effort earlier this summer was a significant traffic driver, the retailer said.

The monthly uptick ends a year of decreases in the overall Consumer Price Index, according to updated federal data released Thursday.

Fresh Perspectives: USDA’s 2023-24 outlook includes potential for declines, but consumers won’t see a return to levels before the inflationary surge.

Consumer spending rose 2.3% year over year, while food-at-home GDP declined slightly.

Nearly two-thirds also believe that the nation’s economy will get worse over the next few months, Numerator research shows.

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