Work From Home Continues to Be Good News for Grocery

Food-at-home sales are surpassing those at restaurants, a trend that’s expected to continue, according to new research from Information Resources, Inc. and The NPD Group.


Three Grocery Categories That Have Increased In Price By More Than 10%

Although inflation has caused an increase in grocery products across the board, consumers are paying more for adult beverages, pet food and salty snacks.

Health and beauty inflation rates have doubled; household product prices have increased by more than 20%, according to new Numerator data.

Consumers are changing the way they buy food, as nearly half of Americans say they can’t afford to shop the way they used to, according to new data.

The retailer, which also has distribution and wholesale channels, is seeking to become more efficient amid rising prices. On Thursday, it reported net sales of $2.3 billion, a 7.9% increase over the prior year, for the second quarter.

The retailer on Wednesday said its food and beverage sales increased in the low double digits during the second quarter, far outpacing overall same-store sales growth of 2.6%.

It's a pump price that hasn't been seen since early March.

Inflation and supply chain troubles posed some challenges for these smaller grocery chains during the quarter.

The gain, almost 90% of which came from a 10% increase in final demand energy costs as prices for oil, natural gas and other products took a big jump during the month.

The USDA will provide nearly $1 billion in additional funding to schools to support the purchase of American-grown foods for their meal programs.

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