Inflation, technology and pandemic life molded consumer grocery behavior in 2022

Inflation has caused 76% of shoppers to change the way they buy food, and the pandemic has made online shopping a new normal.


This year, Santa is getting asked for grocery gift cards

High food costs are leading a large number of people to request gift cards for necessities this holiday season, according to a new survey by fintech firm Givex.

As grocery prices continue to soar, more shoppers are turning to Dollar Tree and its banner, Family Dollar, for groceries. And the extreme discounter is preparing for the deluge.

Paper products are amongst the popular items to stock up on, according to new data from Kroger-owned data firm 84.51˚.

Large central metro areas are seeing higher food prices than non-core rural areas, according to data from Datasembly.

Consumer prices in October rose 0.4% for the month and 7.7% year over year, its lowest annual increase since January, leading some to believe inflation may be moderating.

Sneaky shrinkflation is creeping up, yet 29% of consumers are unaware of it, according to new research from Kroger-owned data firm 84.51°.

About two in five consumers expect inflation to impact their Halloween plans; but nearly three-fourths of households will make candy purchases anyway, according to a new Numerator report.

Consumers are only purchasing the necessities, and are waiting on sales or payday to buy other items, according to a new Morning Consult survey.

“Inflation has caused the price of all consumer goods to increase, and the food sector has been particularly hard hit,” said FMI VP Andy Harig, responding to the release of September's consumer price index report Thursday.

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