Kroger launches limited-edition Harvest Apple label

New fall seasonal collection falls under the grocer's premium Private Selection own brand.
Kroger Harvest Apple brand-Private Selection limited edition
Along with 10 Harvest Apple products, Kroger has introduced four fall bouquets under its Bloom Haus floral brand. / Photo courtesy of The Kroger Co.

With fall seasonal merchandising now in full swing, The Kroger Co. has rolled out a limited-edition label called Harvest Apple under its Private Selection own-brand line.

Private Selection Harvest Apple brings the classic fall flavors of spicy apple and cinnamon in a collection of 10 products, ranging from snacks and desserts to beverages and breakfast. Also paired with the new line is a quartet of fall-scented floral bouquets under Kroger’s Bloom Haus brand. Kroger said the seasonal items are available across its retail banners but in stores only.

Fall products being offered for a limited time include the following:

• Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Snack Mix (cinnamon pecans, candied apple-flavored almonds, marcona almonds, dried cherries and apples) • Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Pie Seasoned Pretzels (cinnamon sugar, apple and salty flavors) • Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Crisp Granola Clusters (apple and vanilla flavors) • Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Pie Cookies (fresh-baked in stores.

• Harvest Apple Caramel Apple Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies (apple flavored cookie with cheesecake-flavored filling and caramel center) • Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Pie Ice Cream (cinnamon and nutmeg-spiced ice cream with apple pie filling swirl and crunchy oat streusel)

• Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Cocktail Mixer (spiced apple with cinnamon) • Harvest Apple Spiced Ginger Apple Seltzer (ginger and fuji apple flavors) • Harvest Apple Caramel Apple Macchiato Coffee Pods (caramel and apple flavors)

• Harvest Apple Spiced Apple Pancake Mix (apple and cinnamon spice flavors)

• Bloom Haus flower bouquets (Fall Sunrise, Orchard Harvest, Golden Ray and Autumn Moon varieties)

Kroger also is promoting Harvest Apple’s fall flavor palette by posting a collection of online recipes for the season, such as loaded caramel apple pancakes, ginger apple seltzer ice cream float, spiced apple spiked punch and cinnamon brown sugar cream cheese pretzel dip.

“Private Selection’s Harvest Apple pairs indulgence with one of fall’s most classic flavors, creating an innovative line of products that gives customers a special new way to experience the season,” Juan De Paoli, vice president of Our Brands at Kroger, said in a statement. “We understand the nostalgia and anticipation that fall inspires, and we are delighted to offer a truly unique assortment of limited-edition products that brings together our favorite seasonal elements. From caramel to warm spices, Harvest Apple gives customer’s an elevated autumn flavor that brings to life the cozy fall feeling we all yearn for this time of year.”

Cincinnati-based Kroger has positioned its Our Brands private-label portfolio as a strategic linchpin by trying to offer shoppers more value at competitive price points versus national brands plus a selection of exclusive products, both in stores and online. In its fiscal 2023 second-quarter report last week, Kroger said it added 233 new Our Brands products during the period, including an expansion of the Smart Way value-focused line, introduced a year ago.

“We are reimagining our offerings throughout our portfolio of Our Brands, with more than 13,000 products available. Customers can enjoy a wide range of high-quality alternatives to fit each customer’s budget,” Kroger Chairman and CEO Rodney McMullen told analysts in a Q2 conference call. (Call transcript provided by AlphaSense.)

“Additionally, we are improving the profitability of Our Brands. Through our brand architect work, we are ensuring each brand plays a unique role on the shelf,” McMullen said. “Last year’s introduction of our opening price-point brand, Smart Way, provides a great option for those prioritizing the lowest price at the shelf and it is resonating with our customers.” Higher-income customers also are trading up to more premium Our Brands items, he added.

Kroger’s Our Brands lineup represents an approximately $28 billion annual business, which executives have said would make Kroger the ninth-largest U.S. CPG company. Overall, the portfolio spans nearly 20 brands. Four labels are billion-dollar brands, including Simple Truth, Private Selection, Home Chef and Kroger—the latter being the largest by far with sales of $15 billion.



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