Kroger updates ESG report

The retailer on Thursday outlined ongoing efforts and progress in climate impact, packaging, human capital management, human rights and animal welfare.
Photo courtesy of Kroger

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., which will report its second quarter earnings Friday, released its 2022 ESG Report: Nurturing Shared Values on Thursday, which outlines its standards and results related to building a healthy, sustainable future for its customers, employees and communities. 

In addition to Zero Hunger | Zero Waste, Kroger’s social and environmental impact plan, the grocery retailer said it is looking to make progress in climate impact, packaging, human capital management, human rights and animal welfare.

"We are proud to report that Kroger continues to make progress toward key ESG goals," Rodney McMullen, Kroger's chairman and CEO, said in a statement.

When it comes to climate impact, Kroger said it will set a new Scope 3 goal for supply chain emissions reduction as part of its SBTi commitment.

Looking to achieve its 2030 sustainable packaging goals, 40% of the grocer's in-scope Our Brands product packaging meets the company's definition of recyclable today when measured by weight, Kroger said.

When it comes to animal welfare, Kroger outlined plans to invest $45 million in additional pricing, promotions and agreements to support the transition to a cage-free or higher-welfare egg supply, with specific milestones to reach 70% cage-free by 2030.

"With this updated action plan, we are seeking to address a wide range of complex social and environmental challenges, and setting ambitious impact targets," said Keith Dailey, Kroger's group VP of corporate affairs and chief sustainability officer, in a statement.

A full copy of the ESG report can be found on the grocer's website.

Kroger, which is investing heavily in its delivery ecosystem, opened two new spoke facilities in the greater Nashville area and in the Chicago metro area last month, as it seeks to make Kroger Delivery available to more customers in Tennessee and Illinois. 



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