Consumers Choose Cheyenne's New Cigar Flavor

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Cheyenne Cigars has introduced its first limited-edition style: Tropical 100's, which were inspired and selected exclusively by adult consumers.

"Cheyenne Cigars are a market leader, and we take pride in offering a full line of styles to satisfy our adult consumers," says Jessica Fratarcangelo, marketing director for the Grover, N.C.-based company. "Over the years, we've received many requests for additional styles. So, we let our loyal adult fan base choose the next product they wanted to see on the shelf."

The 2015 Save Your Fave promotion on the company’s website gave Cheyenne Cigar fans the opportunity to settle which style—Strawberry, Tropical or Wine—would reign supreme. After thousands of votes, Tropical came out on top.

"It seemed like with each day's results, any style could be the winner. Strawberry was a close second," Fratarcangelo says. "But when the voting close, a clear champion had been chosen."

Cheyenne Tropical is a tangy, citrus-infused cigar that delivers the taste, quality and profit that is expected from the Cheyenne Cigar brand, say company officials. Each cyan colored 100's hard pack houses 20 filtered cigars.


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