Enviro-Log expands its earth-friendly product line with Firestarters, designed to provide an alternative for kindling, petroleum-based starter blocks, lighter fluids and ethanol-based gels. “In keeping with our mission to recycle materials and divert waste from landfills, Enviro-Log Firestarters are made from a proprietary blend of 100% recycled wax that offers reliable and consistent burning performance every time,” says Ross McRoy, president of the Fitzgerald, Ga.-based company. “Consumers who choose to burn wood like the fact that they can choose an eco-friendly Firestarter to get their wood fires started every time. Our Firestarter can even light firewood dampened with snow and light rain giving customers a reliable firestarter for any weather condition.” With 24 starts in every box, company officials add that Enviro-Log Firestarters have the same versatility, reliability, portability and infinite shelf-life offered by Enviro-Log Firelogs. Each Firestarter provides up to 20 minutes of burn time with tall and consistent flames designed to get even damp firewood to ignite. Burned to completion, each Firestarter is 100% consumed and leaves no mess to clean up. Firestarters by Enviro-Log  


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