Evo Hemp Announces Partnership With Black Hemp Farmers

Hope to make USA-grown hemp food and CBD products more affordable and accessible
Angela Dawson, founder of 40-Acre Cooperative
Photograph courtesy of Evo Hemp

Boulder, Colo.-based Evo Hemp announced March 15 a partnership with 40-Acre Cooperative, to support historically disadvantaged hemp farmers.

Evo Hemp said it will use the organic, cannabinoid-rich Wunder x Woman from 40-Acre Cooperative to produce much of its CBD and hemp food products in 2022 and beyond. 

40-Acre Cooperative, which is a Black-led nationwide agricultural co-op for underserved farmers, is based in Sandstone, Minn., and has 34 active members in several states and two tribal territories. The members receive support and training on a variety of topics, including sustainable farming to help regenerate the soil and reduce climate damage, Evo Hemp said in a statement.

The company said that in 1920, Black people in the United States owned 14% of farms, while today, they own just 1.4%.

"If we don’t step up to help our community, who will?" said Jourdan Samel, co-founder of the brand Evo Hemp, in a statement. "It is crucial that we become prosperous while in the service of others, and not at their expense."  

Angela Dawson, a fourth-generation farmer based in Minnesota and the founder of 40-Acre Cooperative, said in a statement that she is “excited about partnering with industry leaders like Evo Hemp to bring to light the important issues in our industry.”

Evo Hemp said its partnership with 40-Acre Cooperative is to support historically disadvantaged hemp farmers that have not received proper government assistance.

"We wanted to partner up with 40-Acre Cooperative because we share the same vision to help level the farming fields and keep agriculture alive and thriving in the United States," said Ari Sherman, co-founder of the brand Evo Hemp, in a statement. "When the government or industry doesn't support the needs of a group of people, it’s up to co-ops and businesses to step up, and it starts with us."




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