Lemi Shine Updates Packaging

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Lemi Shine, the nontoxic household cleaning products line powered by natural citric extracts and no harsh chemicals, is giving its line of cleaning products a makeover for 2017.  

In partnership with Helms Workshop, a multi-disciplinary creative agency in Austin, Texas, the brand has completely overhauled its brand packaging. In an effort to better speak to its core consumer, the 22-year-old brand simplified and streamlined the packaging while differentiating itself from competitors on the shelf.

"The end result? Vibrant, sleek new packaging for products that provide a powerful clean, while remaining safe for the home. A transformation so different from the original packaging that it pushed Lemi Shine CEO Curtis Eggemeyer far out of his comfort zone and he initially wanted to abandon the redesign altogether (a decision consumer testing would prove wrong later on)," company officials say. 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Lemi Shine is a family-owned household cleaning products company. Established in 1994 with the original Lemi Shine Detergent Booster, the company has since invented additional products such as a multi-use machine cleaner, hard water rinse aid and spot- and stain-resistant surface cleaner, all powered by natural citric extracts



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