Mylanta Returns to Shelves with New Products, Improved Taste

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Mylanta has returned to retail shelves nationwide with an improved taste, extra coating power and new products. Mylanta Maximum Strength’s classic lemon mint liquid antacid/anti-gas remedy has been updated with a smoother, creamier formulation, and is joined by the modern flavor of vanilla caramel – a  flavor that is new to the antacid category. Additionally, the new Mylanta Tonight delivers a honey chamomile flavor to help soothe heartburn after dinner, while new Mylanta Gas Minis, an extra-strength anti-gas remedy in a unique and great-tasting mini tablet, are also being introduced.

“According to recent figures shared by the American College of Gastroenterology, a staggering 60 million American adults experience acid indigestion or heartburn at least once a month, while more than 15 million experience it daily,” says Jamie Barickman, president of Infirst Healthcare, the makers of new Mylanta. “A trusted brand by consumers and doctors alike is back and improved to help today’s heartburn sufferers.”

Mylanta products deliver soothing, fast relief from the symptoms of acid indigestion or heartburn, and yet are gentle on the body, so they can be used more often than medicines that reduce stomach acid by altering the body’s digestive system. Mylanta is a well-known American brand with more than 95 percent consumer awareness that has worked its way into the nation’s pop culture. The catchphrase “Oh, Mylanta” was popularized by the long-running American TV sitcom “Full House” to mean an expression of shock, surprise or stress. 

New Mylanta is being brought back to the marketplace by Infirst Healthcare, under license from McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Mylanta left the U.S. market in 2010 due to supply issues.



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