Optimo Cigars Introduces New Natural Leaf Cigarillo Blends

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Optimo Cigars, a Swisher International brand, introduced Optimo Cigarillo in four new unique blends encased in first-class natural leaf wrappers. With respect for its past and an eye towards the future, the Optimo Cigarillo puts a modern twist on a classic cigar brand and provides a one-of-a-kind natural leaf smoking experience.

Available in two-count, resealable foil pouches, Optimo Natural Leaf Cigarillos include: Sweet; Silver –an unsweetened blend; Blue – with a laid-back vanilla taste; and Mango.

 Each Optimo Cigarillo pairs a top-quality natural leaf wrapper with an artful blend of imported tobaccos to deliver a smooth, rich, satisfying taste.

The newly designed packaging celebrates the vibrancy of the urban landscapes of decades past where the brand made a name for itself as a trusted, high-quality cigar. Optimo Cigarillos will be available in “2 for 99 cent” pouches beginning Sept. 15. For more information or to place an order today, contact your Swisher representative at 1-800- 874-9720.


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