Top news and trends in play for household and personal products


Why Clean Is Going Green

Improved distribution, marketing and brands meet consumer mindfulness, sending sales of green cleaning products soaring.


Retail Stores Poised to Benefit as Self-Care Market Grows

Premiumization and low online penetration sets self-care on a growth path.

A CBD survey reveals that health and wellness trends are a key factor in consumer adoption of CBD product.

Sixty-three percent of Americans own a dog, creating an opportunity for retailers to find ways to bring dog-owning customers closer to the fold.

CBD manufacturer Charlotte’s Web grew sales by 45% in Q2, with more than half from brick-and-mortar stores such as Kroger and CVS.

The retailer says the items meet increasing demand from shoppers to have their four-legged family members in on the celebration.

Supermarkets could emerge as a top destination for the $6 billion greeting card industry.

The secret to CBD customer loyalty starts with understanding how people take this supplement.

The Lempert Report: Millennials tend to have very different household makeups when compared to other generations, and pets are no less than a member of the family.

Fresh pet food accounted for $30.3 billion of a record-breaking $72.5 billion in pet product sales in 2018.

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