Top news and trends in play for household and personal products


Stress Relief, Self-Care Are Sales Drivers in Health, Beauty

Shoppers in the category also gravitate toward the vitamin aisle.


Pet Product Trends Mirror Human Lifestyle Trends

Sales of treats—and those deemed "better for your pet"—increase, reflecting consumers’ desire to pamper their furry campions.

As consumers seek human connections amid the pandemic, greeting cards are seen as a safe way to connect. Meanwhile, COVID has sparked the greatest cleaning frenzy in the home care industry has ever seen.

FMI's newly released 2020 The Food Retailer Industry Speaks report finds that while CBD is an emerging category in food retail, topical products are far more prevalent than edible ones.

Sustainability has become a part of the daily conversation, with more and more consumers looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint.

Shoppers continue to seek immune-boosting products.

Manufacturers are responding to the pandemic and may see online sales increase while retail sales decline.

Industry leaders respond to the latest agency statement that noted expanded educational efforts.

High-quality food for dogs and cats is in demand as consumers seek products that mimic what they eat.

Given the limited shelf space behind the customer service counter, it’s important for grocers to understand offerings that go beyond traditional tobacco.

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