North Shore Greenhouses Implements Eco-Friendly Practices

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Officials at North Shore Greenhouses, Inc., grower of North Shore Living Herbs, take pride in providing the freshest premium culinary herbs, while maintaining a low environmental impact. The North Shore team focuses on efficient, earth-friendly processes as well as innovative technological advances to create a win-win that equally benefits its business model and the environment.

As the first Sustainably Grown Certified herb grower, the company utilizes renewable resources, such as geothermal heat, to cut utility costs. North Shore's growing practices prevent soil depletion and reduce water waste. The company's newest greenhouse technology saves water by using a state of the art irrigation system to recycle and reuse water that would otherwise be wasted. 

The office team has made small adjustments as well, that they hope over time will make a big impact. "This past year we purchased real plates, cups and silverware to replace the disposable ones we previously used in the break room. I don't mind washing a few dishes if it means taking a small step towards saving our planet," says Juli Maxwell, office manager and executive assistant.

Furthermore, the North Shore team has recently implemented a company-wide recycling program which includes both office and production waste as an extension of its effort to efficiently reduce waste. Finally, the team has the recently installed over 200 solar panels will allow them to produce the majority of energy required for operations; saving up to 70 percent on its utility expenses.

"It means the world to me, pun intended, knowing that I work for a company that realizes just how important and limited our resources are. I can take pride, not only in the quality of our products, but also in the quality of our character. We have gone above and beyond in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint and help the environment, all while maintaining our incredibly high standards. What is not to love about that?" says Ken Thompson, assistant grower at North Shore.


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