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How Supermarkets Can Solve Personalized Nutrition, Food Waste

3D printing could allow grocery stores to create custom-made food to meet shoppers’ personal preferences and dietary restrictions in minutes.


Inventory Management: Out of Time for Out-of-Stocks

Retailers must rethink their traditional approach to inventory management to survive the era of elevated consumer expectations.

Artificial intelligence, including robotics, machine learning and natural language processing, is primed to make retailers better at what they do.

The Lempert Report: Regulations have often been reversed in direct response to petitions from oil, coal and gas companies.

Retailers must rethink the four walls of the store and create a destination shopping experience for their customers.

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WGB's webinar will explore results of the new study, along with guidance to help retailers gain a competitive advantage.

Treating customers differently based on their profitability is counterproductive to building loyalty and creating a healthy customer experience.

WGB reveals additional applications for the burgeoning technology poised to take the industry by storm.

As the buzz around blockchain intensifies, retailers must be ready to adapt or risk being left behind.

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