Herbal Teas

Bonne Maman has released five blends in its new line of herbal teas. Dream, Contentment, Vitality, Serenity and Sweet Delight are tailored to specific moments throughout the day and are made with hand-picked organic ingredients. Dream contains lemon verbena, Damask rose, sweet orange, linden, lavender, elderflower and cornflower. Contentment is a blend of star anise, blackcurrant, lemon balm, marshmallow and Brazil pepper. Vitality is made with peppermint, hibiscus, rose hip, licorice and marigold. Serenity features lemon balm, lemongrass, yarrow, cranberry, German chamomile and Roman chamomile. Finally, Sweet Delight contains apple, cinnamon, elderflower, lemon and stevia. The teas have an SRP of $6.49 for a box of 16 tea bags and $8.99 for a 1.41-ounce bag of loose leaf tea.

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