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Cal-Organic Farms Potatoes

Red and gold potatoes have started shipping.

Cal-Organic Farms has started shipping freshly harvested red and gold potatoes from its facility in Lamont, Calif. The company’s organic rainbow fingerling variety is set to ship mid-May and organic russets will follow in mid-June. Cal-Organic’s potatoes are now packed in breathable bags to improve the shelf life of the product. Organic red and gold potatoes will be offered in 3- and 5-pound bags as well as 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A-, B- or C-sized spuds. Its rainbow fingerling potatoes, including gold, red and purple varieties, will come in 1.5-pound mesh packs as well as 25- and 50-pound bulk cartons with single color options available for bulk orders. Organic russets will be offered in 3- and 5-pounds packs and 50-pound bulk cartons.