Brave Good Kind Debuts Chicken Snack Bars

Tender Chicken Bars join growing market for savory, meat-based protein bars, company says
Brave Good Kind logo

Looking to fill a market gap for savory protein bars, Boston startup K2 Ventures and its Brave Good Kind snack brand have launched Tender Chicken Bars, a shelf-stable protein bar made from chicken. 

The 0.8-ounce bars contain less saturated fat than beef snacks, a news release from Brave Good Kind states, and have a more tender bite vs. traditional jerky products and other meat snacks. Three flavors featuring natural spices are currently available: original, teriyaki and hot honey.  

Tender Chicken Bars join Brave Good Kind's previously introduced Tender Chicken Bites, which come in 2.5-ounce bags. The new bars, according to the company, meet customer requests for a product that was convenient to carry and consume during activities such as hiking or running. Each bar contains 8 grams of protein and less than 6 grams of sugar. A nine-count caddy of bars sells for $25.99.

Brave Good Kind also touts that chicken has less of a carbon footprint than beef, making it an environment-conscious snack choice. 

Brave Good Kind chicken bars and bites are available at the company's website and on Amazon. The company expects to add additional retail partners. 



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