Hungry to Help Campaign

Tyson and DeliAnytime are reaching out to consumers to enlist their support for Tyson's KNOW Hunger campaign, a campaign that is focused on creating awareness of the widespread problem of hunger in America—in every community across the country. Tyson KNOW Hunger provides support for programs that alleviate hunger on a local level and helps increase the awareness of the need for everyone to become involved. From March 5th through April 9th consumers can help join the fight against hunger by "liking" DeliAnytime on Facebook, then selecting an area of the country they feel needs the most help. They can also see exactly how many of their fellow DeliAnytime fans have shown their support. Tyson is hoping to see as many as 10,000 new fans join in this important fight against hunger. "Tyson and DeliAnytime are happy to give our fans and consumers an easy way to show their support for these important hunger relief efforts," says Sally Ashcraft, Brand Manager, Tyson Deli Division. "The more we can educate people about the widespread problem of hunger in America, the more we can all do something to change it."


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