Kayak Meets The Evolving Needs of Adult Consumers

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As adult consumers across the country evaluate decisions about work, travel and entertainment during the time of a global pandemic, it should come as no surprise that sales of tobacco products are trending in unusual patterns. And while a myriad of choices exists within the other tobacco products (OTP) category, the moist smokeless tobacco (MST) segment has faced its own set of unique opportunities and challenges for retailers as they try to appeal to the evolving needs of adult consumers.  

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Overall, the MST category is relatively flat, but it is rebounding slightly. The most recent 40-week data shows the MST category up 1.5% through Oct. 3, 2020, with the category as a whole having a fairly good year considering the global pandemic as the backdrop. Challenges due to COVID-19 have impacted the entire category with manufacturing facilities shut down for varying amounts of time during the peak of the lockdown. Many manufacturers have worked diligently in helping with the rebound, getting the brands out of backorder and product flowing to retail. 

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While the overall category is not showing significant growth, the branded value volume within the MST category is up 9%.  As prices on premium products are increasing, value-conscious adult consumers are looking for options that save money but do not compromise on quality.  

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Within branded value, Kayak, part of the Fat Lip Brands tobacco portfolio, offers Kayak, that has experienced a volume increase of 2%. Value seeking in mind, Kayak offers adult consumers a variety of high-quality blends and reliable product satisfaction. Kayak’s lineup features a mix of both traditional and unique blends to meet the needs of the MST adult consumer without compromising quality.  

Current market conditions point to MST opportunities within branded value. With the gap in quality closing through improved manufacturing efficiencies and quality tobacco availability, the price sensitive adult consumers are finding a variety of options that meet their needs and at a better price point. These adult consumers are choosing Kayak for its unique market position which is bolstered by offering of an array of bold blends including wintergreen, straight, natural, peach, apple, grape, cherry and mint. 

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Moving ahead into the remainder of 2020 and thinking about 2021, it appears MST adult consumers are gravitating to the branded value segment within the category. Kayak offers a variety of high-quality blends and reliable product satisfaction at an affordable price point that meets the needs of any MST adult consumer. This trend highlights the importance for retailers to partner with suppliers that can offer products that deliver quality, freshness and value. 

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