Meat and Cheese Snacks Offer Comfort, Convenience and Indulgence

frigo cheese snacks
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With a global pandemic forcing restaurants to shutter their dining rooms, consumers everywhere are turning to their local grocery stores to keep them well-fed. In addition to picking up items that are on their regular shopping lists, many customers are adding foods and drinks to their carts that serve specific purposes, such as fuel for their at-home workouts, something tasty for midafternoon snacks, and something a little indulgent for date night or a special treat meal. Meat and cheese snacks are the perfect fit for all of these occasions—and then some. 

Packed With Protein

According to data from IRI for the week ending March 22, 2020, sales of meat and dairy were both up compared to the same time last year: meat sales were up 91% and dairy 60%. With customers cooking meals and preparing snacks at home more often, it’s understandable that sales of these two staples would be up, but the fact that they’re two high-protein categories makes the increase seem even more inevitable. From customers looking for workout fuel, to consumers who just want a quick and filling meal replacement, to parents who want something nutritious for their kids, high-protein snacks are in high demand. The Frigo® Cheese Heads® brand offers consumers the quick, easy, nutritious option they’re looking for, with varieties including ham and Swiss cheese sticks; colby jack and turkey sticks; and string cheese and pepperoni-flavored meat sticks.

Perfect for Kids—and Adults

Meat and cheese snacks are great for any age. Handheld and portable, they’re a winner for kids and adults enjoy them, too. Missing a favorite restaurant’s charcuterie board and wine pairings? Simply cut up Frigo® Cheese Heads® cheese and pair with a favorite drink. It’s an easy, restaurant-style treat that’s perfect for unwinding on the weekend or creating an at-home happy hour any day of the week.

Meat and cheese snacks are also perfect for stepping up the appetizer game. Bagel halves become something special when topped with pizza sauce, pineapple slices and Frigo® Cheese Heads® meat and cheese sticks. And sliders get an upscale twist with Frigo® Cheese Heads® cheese snacks. Make Beefy Cheese Sammies by topping dinner rolls with horseradish sauce, thinly sliced deli roast beef and Pepper Jack String Wisconsin Snacking Cheese sticks, then baking until cheese is melted.

No matter what the occasion is—a quick snack, a pre-workout boost, a date night in or anything else—Frigo® Cheese Heads® meat and cheese snacks offer the versatility, great taste and fun that consumers are looking for in their grocery trips. Check out more ways to serve them at

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