M&M's Invites Consumers to Star in Brand's Next Commercial

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The M&M'S brand is bringing together its spokescandies with beatbox technology in a new, musically-inspired commercial. And, now, M&M'S is looking to its fans to get involved by recording their own beats for a chance to be featured in an upcoming TV commercial. 

Fans are encouraged to visit to record their own beat by running the band of M&M'S spokescandies turned beatboxers. Anyone can participate and then share their new creations on their social channels and check out beats created by other users.

"We wanted to get fans more involved with the M&M'S brand by giving them a voice in our iconic TV commercials," says Tanya Berman, director, M&M'S Brand. "This program, which relies on user-generated content, is just another example of how we are continuing to find new and innovative ways to connect with M&M'S fans around music."

Top consumer beats will be featured in upcoming M&M'S commercials or on M&M'S social media channels. To enter, consumers can save their beat to the site and are encouraged to use the hashtag #bitesizebeat.


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