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Fresh Food

Refrigerated Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Outperform Frozen

Sales of plant-based meat alternatives are at an all-time high, but share is down as meat sales also have increased significantly.

Fresh Food

Dairy Sales Still Up, But Service Bakery, Deli Struggle

Pandemic shopping is still boosting demand for dairy, but consumers shy away from service bakery and deli products.

The category still saw double digit growth even with supply limitations and subdued consumer celebrations over a heavy grilling holiday.

Produce sales started to level off in May, with fresh regaining some ground that had been lost to frozen and shelf-stable.

In what has become a normal pandemic shopping pattern, frozen food sales remained elevated for the week of May 17.

Free from holidays, the week of May 17 shows a new normal for double-digit sales gains in produce.

The pandemic, well into its second month, is still affecting how customers purchase meat and is not reflective of everyday buying patterns.

Sales of meat alternatives have been up by double digits for 11 weeks, but the growth is not keeping pace with meat.

The pandemic isn’t slowly produce sales as consumers continue to purchase at a rapid rate, with sales up 17% compared to a year ago.

Sales in the category continue to grow as consumers stocked up more due to supply issues and increasing prices.

The prominent media coverage of plant closures drove yet another wave of stock-ups.

Produce sales were up 17% for the first week of May, proving consumers are still turning to fresh options in pandemic shopping.

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