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Frozen Foods Remain Sales Powerhouse

At the end of April, frozen food sales once more top 50% gains versus year ago.

Fresh Food

Truisms Shaping the Next Frontier of Food Retailing

A closer look at who is spending today and who will be the prime spenders of tomorrow.

Dairy sales are up over last year as pandemic shopping patterns continue.

Following a slight downturn during Easter week, produce purchases rebounded, remaining up compared to last year.

Sales were up 49.7% along with a 34.8% volume gain during the last full week of April, when plant closures also prompted consumers to stock-up.

Pandemic buying begins to lessen in the category, but sales still up compared to last year’s Easter week.

During pandemic shopping, hot dogs have seen sales growth of 35% and 45% for two weeks in a row.

The week ending April 19 marked the seventh week of coronavirus-related shopping patterns and with it, strong demand for pork, chicken and beef, which pulled up total perimeter performance.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected produce buying patterns, but the latest week saw vegetables sales still elevated, while fruit sales had slowed slightly.

In week six of the coronavirus pandemic, dairy and bakery sales were strong while deli sales were not as high.

Rather than gradually slowing down, meat sales increased 43% during the week of April 12 vs. year ago comps.

Buoyed by a 41.2% gain in meat, total perimeter store sales increased 15.8% through April 5 vs. same week last year.

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