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Dollar General: Shoppers Are 'More Intentional' But Still Spending

For Dollar General's core customer, "As long as she’s gainfully employed, that makes the biggest difference in giving her the confidence to spend," company CEO Todd Vasos says.

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For Grocers, an Emergency Response Plan Isn't Enough

"You're not an island," a former DHS official told an FMI audience in an active-assailant preparedness seminar, urging retailers to collaborate with other local businesses and law enforcement.

Walmart saw big gains in fresh produce sales online in 2021, while Amazon's online sales in produce and other fresh categories fell—suggesting challenges and opportunities for both retailers.

The retailer is expanding its partnership with DroneUp and says drone delivery will be available to as many as 4 million households in six states by the end of the year.

A Dollar General manager fired last month after declining to take down a TikTok video recorded at her Tampa, Fla., store is slated to attend the rally, which organizers say will launch a national effort.

The two retail giants expected to see elevated supply-chain costs, more macroeconomic uncertainty and an impact from lapping stimulus spending—but not to this extent.

"We really are an integral part of the community. We do more than just sell groceries; we’re a center, in many cases, of the neighborhood," Tops' John Persons says.

Echoing Walmart, Target said that higher transportation costs and excess inventory squeezed profits in the first quarter.

The Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund will "provide direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected," Tops said.

Walmart customers shifted their spending away from general merchandise to grocery—and in some cases, from national brands to private labels—to help manage rising food prices in the first quarter.

U.S. comp sales growth came in at a better-than-expected 3%, but the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer lowered its full-year EPS guidance as 2022's "unusual environment" continues to pressure margins.

Walmart is aiming to bring more emerging and high-potential talent into its retail ecosystem with the announcement of a new management-training program and expanded career-development opportunities.

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