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Milk, for All It’s Worth: Dairy Plays to Its Strengths

Up-and-comer Oatly just made its buzzed-about IPO, and almost 2 in 5 U.S. consumers have bought dairy alternatives. But traditional dairy is seizing on areas where it has an edge.


Why Analog Trader Joe's Excels in an Omnichannel World

"As human beings, we still need to be romanced, we still need to socialize—those kinds of things," says John Lucot, newly named senior strategic adviser for Mercatus and a 42-year veteran of Giant Eagle.

"Guests turn to Target because of our stores and our digital options, not one vs. the other," Target CEO Brian Cornell says following the company's expectations-busting first-quarter results.

Symphony RetailAI's Jonathan Tye-Walker talks about the retail promotions that will get COVID-changed consumers into stores again and again.

"My optimism is higher than it was at the beginning of the year," CEO Doug McMillon says as the company touts grocery gains and improved capacity, and lifts its fiscal 2022 guidance.

Target says that in pilots in Florida, California and South Dakota last year, it saw more than 450% digital growth in the adult beverage category.

Some grocery retailers are dropping mask requirements for individuals fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Others are leaving them in place for the time being. Here's a look at who has said what so far.

Meijer CEO Rick Keyes touted the success of the chain's Shop & Scan technology in promising a state-of-the-art, one-stop shopping experience.

Prices for fresh meat, by contrast, were up 5.1% year over year in the latest survey from Chicago-based market researcher IRI.

Producer prices for beef, pork and chicken as well as animal feed are up by double-digit percentages year over year, amid what the Consumer Brands Association calls a "perfect storm" of rising costs.

With more U.S. consumers getting vaccinated and venturing out to more fully reopened restaurants, grocery stores' price increases slowed in April.

ELM Foods is looking to an AI-enhanced, recipe-driven approach—and a plant-based focus—to stand out in an increasingly crowded grocery delivery marketplace.

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