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Publix Sets Sights on GreenWise Stores

The first newly redesigned GreenWise will be located near Florida State University.

Mars to Invest $70 Million in U.S. Manufacturing, Create 250 New Jobs

The latest announcement builds on more than $1 billion in American manufacturing investments from Mars, Incorporated over the past five years.

The Food For All 2016 fundraiser benefits more than 185 organizations throughout southeast.

Study confirms loved food brands are significantly more likely to lead consumers to buy more, pay more and talk more about the brand.

Walmart has more than 1,500 suppliers who identify as women-owned businesses, producing everything from apparel to produce.

According to the NPD study, grocery shopping online appeals to those who find grocery shopping a necessary evil.

The Summer Cities program combines concert thrills with local passion projects.

The company publishes its Volunteer Impact Report to encourage volunteerism and recognize associates’ contributions.

Half of consumers say vitamins and minerals is one of the top functional attributes they look for in hybrid drinks.

NGA is the third major trade association to partner with the NACS Show.

Label Insight study reveals 67% of consumers find it challenging to meet their dietary needs by reading a food label.

The campaign includes free glucose screenings and educational courses.

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