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Heading Into Retail in the Age of ‘I’

As our world increasingly becomes tailored to individuals, author Gary Hawkins discusses the inspiration behind his new book that explores the impact of the age of “I” in retail, including shopper expectations and the challenge traditional retailers face.


Three Keys for Mastering Innovation

Retailers are becoming overwhelmed when grappling to keep up with the pace of change, yet they mustn’t let up, lest they risk being left behind.

Retailers aiming to be more customer-focused must embed that philosophy into their organizational culture.

CART and Sense360 reveal the top 5 insights from their recent webinar.

CART webcast on Aug. 9 will explore exclusive insights and analytics measuring and quantifying the e-tailer’s brick-and-mortar and loyalty program integration.

Retailers have untapped potential to arm associates with customer intelligence via smartphones and improve service.

The world’s leading e-tailer is leveraging its leadership position and vast resources to overwhelm the traditional grocery industry. But there are ways for retailers to compete.

Three steps to help retailers make sense of the chaos of new data and capabilities.

Tech-enabled shoppers are tough taskmasters, and retailers’ first-generation digital initiatives are no longer enough.

Personalization is a proven path to increasing sales.

Intelligent guidance that connects the dots between the food industry and healthcare offers promising improvements for the well-being of consumers.

For retailers that understand the power of data, marketing nirvana awaits.

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