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Walmart to offer sensory-friendly shopping hours each morning

Starting Friday, the retail giant will turn off in-store music, dim the lights and more each day from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. to create a shopping experience that is “a little easier on the eyes and ears.”


Cinnamon-applesauce pouch recall widens

Schnucks, Weis Markets, Dollar Tree and other retailers have sold the snacks, predominantly consumed by children, that are being investigated by the FDA for potentially containing toxic levels of lead.

The community is known as the hometown of Spider Man’s alter ego, Peter Parker, and the grocery store’s interior will feature comic book art.

The modern 33,000-square-foot space is the 28th location for the upscale Southern California grocer.

The industry added 3,400 jobs during the month, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Brian Cornell told CNBC consumers are not only pulling back on discretionary purchases, they’re now tightening their spending on food and beverages.

Winsight Grocery Business tallied 27 new stores during the month, led by fast-growing Aldi.

The Pacific Northwest grocer said it is looking to create a calm environment for shoppers who may otherwise be overwhelmed by sensory stimuli.

The card is connected to the regional grocer’s myPerks loyalty program and offers discounts on fuel as well as rewards for purchases made in-store and at other retailers.

The specialty grocer on Tuesday reported comparable-store sales growth of 3.9% during its third quarter, with net sales totaling $1.7 billion. It also promoted Curtis Valentine to CFO.

The upgrades are part of a two-year, $9 billion renovation of more than 1,400 Walmart locations. New features include larger online grocery pickup and delivery areas, more grab-and-go foods and checkout lanes, and much more.

The high-end Southern California grocer will feature “well-priced, hard-to-find wines” from local winemakers in the club.

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