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Jackson Lewis is the technology and services editor for CSP. Jackson joined data research firm Technomic in 2016 as an analyst for the convenience and grocery sectors. He moved to write exclusively for CSP in early 2017 during Winsight Media’s acquisition of Technomic. Since then, Jackson has focused his reporting on sources of disruption for convenience retail. He was among the first in the industry to visit Amazon’s smart corner shop, Amazon Go, and serves as a speaker at c-store industry events. Email him at

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Visa, Mastercard Delay Swipe Fee Hikes

The credit card companies cite economic recovery in delaying proposed fee hikes that industry groups warned could total $1 billion annually.


7-Eleven Pilots No-Checkout Test Store

Convenience chain aims to address consumer expectations of faster service, improved experience.

Amazon hasn't commented, but permit records indicate a 10,000-square-foot retail store with frictionless checkout—which might be part of its grocery store plans—is on the way.

Is pressure from bans on cashless stores forcing the company to adjust?

One year since first opening to the public, a store-by-store look at the frictionless fleet.

The tech-enabled food store "walks out" of Seattle for the first time.