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California Water Shortages Force Tough Choices for Farmers

"Every acre that is left unplanted because of a lack of irrigation water is the equivalent of 50,000 salads that will not be available to consumers," California Farm Water Coalition president says.


Bashas’ Seeks to Fill 800 Full- and Part-Time Jobs

The grocer will hold pop-up hiring events on May 21 at its 113 locations in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as its distribution center in Chandler, Ariz.

Latest Numerator data shows 73% of people will head to the store to buy food, and 42% will be purchasing alcohol beverages.

"This is the 14th straight month that we’ve seen wholesale prices push above the historical trend line, and the CPG industry ... is exceptionally frustrated," the CEO of the Consumer Brands Association says.

Vegan and vegetarian frozen-foods purveyor Mosaic Foods Market will open its first brick-and-mortar store May 20 in Brooklyn.

The NoMad area store, set to open June 1, will feature food choices from more than 20 local farms.