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Retail Foodservice

Cheers to Beers in Food Retail

Supermarkets now double as a destination for cold beers, wine tastings, conversation and company as brewpubs and bars become a regular part of retail foodservice.

Wholesalers & Distributors

BrightFarms Names Steve Platt CEO

Hydroponic greenhouse founder Paul Lightfoot will continue as president.

A video of Trader Joe's cashiers winning over a fussy toddler in the checkout line has gone viral.

Research finds that higher employee and customer satisfaction can translate to higher market valuations of as much as 18.9%.

Bay Area-based Mollie Stone's Markets announces its newest San Francisco location, while pledging to offer every customer an individualized shopping experience.

As fresh produce brands continue to make gains in the snack category, a new study reveals that kids covet chocolate, cheese and salt.

Consumer insights can spark new sales opportunities in meat and deli, as well as inform decisions ranging from assortment to pricing.

Loyalty program, private label and expanded store brand initiatives have spurred sales, though competitive concerns loom.

Stop & Shop is among the retailers that are helping to meet consumer demand for new varieties of yogurt and grab-and-go products.

Foodservice provider Impossible Foods has announced its plant-based meat will be sold in grocery stores beginning next month.

The retailer said effort is having an unexpected benefit: better prices on fresh foods.

Whole Foods seeks to renew its focus on regional fare in new and existing stores, including the Kenwood unit, originally planned as a 365 store.

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