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Instacart Appoints Fidji Simo CEO as Founder Steps Aside

Apoorva Mehta, who founded Instacart a decade ago and guided the company through an online grocery revolution it helped to enable, said he would transition to an executive board role while Fidji Simo, a high-ranking and influential executive at Facebook, prepares to succeed him as CEO.


Dollar General Moves to Address Assortment, Partnerships in Healthcare

The discounter, whose growth has at times accompanied scrutiny over its effects on community health, has hired a chief medical officer and will expand healthcare assortments in what it calls a "major first step" in healthcare.

Brandon Troislair, a second-generation family-run independent grocery retailer, pledges remodels and will leverage local sourcing relationships as new licensee.

Klaus Gehrig, the powerful top executive of the Schwarz Group, parent of the Lidl chain, has abruptly resigned, the German retail giant said.

In a deal it says would accelerate its partnering companies’ moves into warehouse and fulfillment automation, tech firm Zebra agrees to buy Fetch Robotics for $290 million.

After a successful trial, ADUSA Supply Chain is scaling up its use of fatigue-reducing wearables for "superhero" warehouse selectors. Capes not included.

As reports confirm the wholesale club is pursuing future expansion in the Hoosier State, the roots of its new building spree were planted five years ago in New Jersey.

Two former high-ranking executives of the U.K. e-grocer settle claims that they misappropriated information to set up a rival company.

The retailer opens its newest unit in Long Island City, which has seen explosive residential growth—and probably, too few supermarkets.

By selling more to existing customers, and winning new ones on a comprehensive offering, the wholesaler’s "Fuel the Future” strategy aims at lofty 2024 financial targets and a new CEO who may already be on board.

Russian retailer Smokat and Turkish counterpart Getir are separately eyeing expansion in the U.S. as ghost grocers invade New York.

Conversions of five more facilities by the end of 2022 will expand self-managed procurement, distribution and transportation to 85% of the company, creating the East Coast's largest grocery network, officials say.

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