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Redner’s Reintroduces Pandemic Wage Increase

"Those that are still out there on the front lines have earned the added pay," Robert McDonough of Redner’s says.


6 New Products for Those New Year Health, Wellness Goals

Launches support resolutions to eat healthier, stay hydrated or abstain from alcohol

From smart carts to out-of-stocks, here are the stories that captured readers' attentions.

A look back at the retailers who entered new markets, debuted new flagships or reached a milestone.

New entries hit on flavor and guilt-free trends

The new store, which has two towers of apartment living and a parking garage above it, opened Aug. 19 in the redeveloped Water Street neighborhood of Tampa, Fla.

Eight in 10 consumers are interested in these one-to-one experiences, an Advantage Customer Experience survey finds, with the opportunity to try before they buy remaining a powerful influencer on the decision to make a purchase.

No shortage of innovation as companies reformulate old lines and add new flavors.

In an interview with WGB, Shopic co-founder Raz Golan discusses a clip-on AI device that goes beyond helping customers skip the checkout line by further streamlining the experience through personalization and contextualized promotions.

The company becomes the first U.S. supermarket/convenience-store chain to offer the payment methods at checkout.

The family-owned and -operated company has sold its 13 convenience stores to Global Partners LP; its neighborhood grocery stores in Vermont were not part of the deal.

An included provision that allows commercial drivers under the age of 21 to operate over state lines would help ease pressure on supply, the National Grocers Association says.

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