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Kroger, Walmart Expand Affordable Pharmacy Services

The retailers have partnered with healthcare solutions companies to help reduce the cost of prescriptions for customers.

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Fahrenheit 2019: Gauging the Latest Specialty Food Trends

WGB breaks down which trends are heating up for the year ahead and which trends are cooling down.

The online grocer plans to launch in additional cities in 2019.

Frieda’s Specialty Produce forecasts fruits and veggies taking over from center plate to dessert.

The category is taking a second hit this year as the CDC warns consumers to avoid and dispose of all related products.

A fruit-cutting station and certified meat cutters are among the highlights of the retailer’s 26th Los Angeles-area location.

The retailer is leveraging its big data power to offer a streamlined, personalized wellness tool for its shoppers.

The retailer is harnessing its customer and food nutrition data to provide a personalized resource designed to help consumers make healthier purchase decisions.

High-quality and bulk-size product innovation offers growth opportunity in a highly competitive market.

The data reveals third-quarter price and sales trends for the top 10 fruit and vegetable commodities and value-added produce categories.

The category wins shoppers' favor with its versatility and value.

The retailer has placed products with 25% or more of the total calories coming from added sugar to the bottom shelf in a move to highlight healthier choices in prime real estate.

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