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Fresh Food

Do Millennials Spend More on Food?

The Lempert Report: Food spending among the younger generation was up in the first quarter, while older generations embraced more money-saving tactics, research shows.

Fresh Food

Are People Eating Any Healthier?

The Lempert Report: Civil Eats puts forth a series of roundtable discussions of food insecurity, food distribution and whether or not we are eating any better than before.

The Lempert Report: Walmart is piloting yet another new grocery delivery option.

The Lempert Report: Reform and new reduction programs are in place, but grocery retailers are not doing much to reduce single-use plastic, Greenpeace says.

The Lempert Report: Fresh produce might be good for a person's mental health too.

The Lempert Report: Can new preparation methods make jellyfish a savory snack?

The Lempert Report: Most of the money goes to food services such as restaurants—not farmers.

The Lempert Report: Cyber agriculture combines tech and traditional farming techniques to enhance the yield and quality of crops.

The Lempert Report: Startup offers insights to help food businesses reduce waste, and it uses blockchain tech to schedule pickups for donation.

The Lempert Report: California food producers are seeing a new barrage of notices around the revamped Prop 65 list of hazardous ingredients.

The Lempert Report: Gene editing technologies are helping to create new products, but regulation is a gray area.

The Lempert Report: Amid concerns of deforestation, retailers are phasing out palm oil.

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