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The Food Trust’s Blockchain Is Finally Being Accepted as a Major Solution

The Lempert Report: Building traceability and transparency in complex supply chains isn’t easy, but it offers a continuous way to monitor and report information to consumers.

Fresh Food

Why Consumers Are Hoarding Food

The Lempert Report: News of farmers plowing their crops back into the ground or dairies dumping milk, coupled with empty shelves, have changed buying habits in the short term.

The Lempert Report: Supermarkets have entered the foodservice arena with successful concepts, why can't restaurants do something similar by offering goods to take home?

The Lempert Report: Amazon boosts order capacity by 60%, while Instacart adds workers and smaller chains set up shopping time slots through an online reservation system.

The Lempert Report: The U.S. government says there are no nationwide shortages, but that hasn’t stopped panic buying in supermarkets as Americans worry about food—many for the first time in their lives.

The Lempert Report: China's shutdown from the coronavirus not only caused a halt in production but also port backups that have paralyzed food shipments.

The Lempert Report: "Agrihoods," or neighborhoods where residents till the soil and grow fresh produce on-site, is another way in which urban residents can adopt healthier living habits.

The Lempert Report: Eyeing the longer term, the delivery service is creating a paid loyalty program.

The Lempert Report: The early stretch of warm weather in apple country may adversely affect future harvests.

The Lempert Report: With social distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of discussion about making contactless payment mainstream in grocery.

The Lempert Report: There are 31 different types of labels worldwide telling customers how much fat, salt and sugar is in the food they buy, but do they really help inform consumers?

The Lempert Report: Higher intakes of fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese and yogurt are each linked to a lower risk of some types of strokes, but none are a panacea.

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