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Fresh Food

U.N. Climate Report Tells What Foods We Need

The Lempert Report: Food waste is a big part of climate change, but it can also be part of the solution.


Can Computers Be the Answer for Healthier Diets?

The Lempert Report: New technology can take the guesswork out of growing crops efficiently.

The Lempert Report: Robots can work around the clock and be helpful in labor-intensive tasks, but are they ready to replace humans?

The Lempert Report: Food sharing is a human behavior that has a great effect on one's social circles and status.

The Lempert Report: Burger King and other chains have rolled out meat-free burgers, but it may be more about marketing.

The Lempert Report: Plant-based companies are courting non-vegan consumers who want products that are environmentally friendly and healthy but taste familiar.

The Lempert Report: Meet Emerald Mills, whose monthly community-based dinner outfit, Diverse Dining, aims to bring people together and create relationships.

The Lempert Report: Grocery stores have jumped on the ugly produce bandwagon, but Imperfect Produce delivers.

The Lempert Report: Foodservice can be an important part of a retailer’s in-store operations, but restaurants can be a dodgy proposition.

The Lempert Report: Food delivery services encourage tipping, but are they shortchanging workers?

The Lempert Report: For some Taco Bell superfans, fast food isn't a quick meal but more of a lifestyle.

The Lempert Report: Temperatures, violent weather and crop failures may have finally woken up skeptics.

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