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Fresh Food

Fully Autonomous Farm Opens in California

The Lempert Report: The indoor hydroponic farm, Iron Ox, is run by robots.


Opportunities Are Ripe for Grocery Delivery Apps

The Lempert Report: More than one in five adults are expected to use the technology next year.

The Lempert Report: The Food Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C., showcased health-related innovations.

The Lempert Report: Retailers can help parents make better meal choices for their children.

The Lempert Report: The FDA wants to start naming stores that sold certain contaminated products.

Grocers and RDs have a new way to imprint their store’s wellness image and help keep shoppers safer.

The Lempert Report: Grocery store meal kits, prepped produce and delivery are giving retailers a competitive edge against restaurants.

The Lempert Report: A high-tech facility with cow-milking robots is set to be built in The Netherlands.

The Lempert Report: Cultural and socioeconomic divides could affect some consumers' meal choices.

The Lempert Report: Yummy will deliver homemade meals cooked by women in their own kitchens in Libya.

The Lempert Report: Technology based ultra-convenience could turn retail and foodservice upside down.

The Lempert Report: Produce and other items affected by the new tariffs will be sent to food banks.

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