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2021 Trend Predictions Part 1: Staying Healthy and Well

The Lempert Report: Consumers at home have discovered new habits and insights about what it means to truly nourish themselves.


New Dietary Guidelines Have a Blind Spot

The Lempert Report: Most governments’ recommendations are neither sufficiently healthy nor sustainable.

The Lempert Report: A subterranean farm deep inside a South Korean subway station may unlock the secret to food sustainability.

The Lempert Report: Potato chips, ice cream and chocolate/candy top the list of comfort foods eaten during isolation.

The Lempert Report: One pilot program is striving to eradicate food, health and economic disparities by embedding hyperlocal food production in everyday community spaces.

The Lempert Report: The organization will work with cities on developing food waste strategies, starting with the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions

The Lempert Report: The new tool displays a complete picture of more than 230 countries' food systems and identifies what is and isn't working across the supply chain.

The Lempert Report: It’s estimated that the average person consumes about 5 grams of plastic each week.

The Lempert Report: Paris is leading the way with a soil-free approach to agriculture that uses less space and fewer resources.

The Lempert Report: Study finds humans register taste more quickly when food or drink moves over their tongues quickly.

The Lempert Report: Thai, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese foods are gaining U.S. fans.

The Lempert Report: The food delivery service's annual report identifies popular food trends.

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